Do you only see the doctor when you’re feeling sick? Has it been more than a year since your last comprehensive physical exam? The men’s health specialists at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, with a location in Allen, Texas, wants you to make your health and wellness a priority and can provide you with the specific care you need to help you get back to being you. For a wellness exam, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

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What is wellness?

Men’s wellness refers to health care that focuses on your total well-being, not your symptom or disease. The goal of men’s wellness is to assess your overall health and develop a plan of action aimed at preventing you from developing a chronic disease.

The team at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center specialize in the very unique health needs that affect men, and they have developed a wellness program that can restore your health so you feel phenomenal.

What can I expect during a wellness exam?

Your wellness exam at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center is a comprehensive examination that reviews your total health. It includes a review of your medical and family history, thorough physical examination, and targeted health screenings.

Some of the health screenings that may be recommended for your wellness exam include:

  • Cardiac health screening
  • Gastrointestinal screening
  • Thyroid and hormone screening
  • Cancer screening
  • Testing for vitamin deficiencies

After your evaluation, your specialist at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center develops a treatment plan focused on helping you maintain or improve your health.

You should have a wellness exam completed every year. The annual visit not only helps you and your specialist stay on top of your health, but also allows you to develop the trusting patient-doctor relationship that ensures you get the best care possible every time.

What steps can I take to prevent chronic disease?

The specialists at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center can help you determine the steps you need to take to prevent the development of chronic disease. The special health screenings conducted by your specialist can help direct your treatment plan, but the ultimate goal of care is to put you back in charge of your health.

Nutrition and fitness are important aspects of men’s wellness that you may overlook, and an important treatment area at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center. Making healthy food choices and getting regular exercise can help you get to and maintain a healthy weight, which may improve heart health and your libido.

The specialists at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center may also recommend testosterone hormone therapy if your hormone levels are low to help restore hormone balance and improve your health.

For management of your health and wellness from a team who specializes in men’s health, call Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center today or book an appointment online.