Your weight doesn’t just affect your appearance and the way your clothes fit, but also affects your health. If you want to lose weight, Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center, with a location in Allen, Texas, can help with customized weight loss programs, including prescription medication and injections to reduce your cravings while boosting your metabolism. Call Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center or make an appointment online today.

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Why is it essential to maintain a healthy body weight?

Your weight affects more than the way your clothing fits. Maintaining a healthy body weight also lowers your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and many different types of cancer. Being overweight or obese also interferes with your hormone production, which can not only exacerbate your weight problem but also causes other disruptive symptoms and make it more challenging to lose weight.

Theoretically, losing weight is simply a matter of consistently burning more calories than you consume. However, if weight loss were easy, over 160 million Americans wouldn’t be overweight or obese. Factors such as your hormone levels and other health conditions can make it hard to lose weight.

Other issues that make weight loss challenging include underestimating how much you eat while overestimating your daily caloric needs. Also, losing weight and keeping it off require changes to your lifestyle, and it takes time to see results, which can be frustrating.

How can a healthcare professional help me lose weight?

The team at Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center offers a thorough physical exam and testing and personalized treatment plans to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. Your healthcare provider can identify any hormone imbalances or other health issues that are interfering with your success.

Your healthcare provider offers treatment to resolve health issues that prevent effective weight loss and creates a customized weight loss plan to help you reach your ideal body weight. Your program may include a nutritious and delicious diet plan that includes your favorite foods as well as an exercise plan to help you burn extra calories and build muscle tissue.

Your provider may also recommend nutritional supplements and vitamins or medications to help you reach your goals.

What should I expect during a weight loss program?

Your weight loss plan begins with a thorough assessment and blood tests. Your provider uses this information to work with you and create a weight loss program that meets your needs precisely. In addition to diet and exercise plans, your provider may offer LipoSlim and MIC injections or prescription medications to help you reach your goals.

You have regular appointments so your provider can monitor your progress and adjust your weight loss plan as needed to help you break through plateaus, meet your goals, and improve your health.

If you want customized, medical help to lose weight, call Low Testosterone & Weight Loss Center or make an appointment online today.